Pamela Trafton

Your Favorite REALTOR

Who is Pamela Trafton?

Born in Fayetteville, NC and only moved to Jacksonville, NC I have been surrounded by who??? Military Families 😀   I am actually born of the Army family but no discrimination at all (Love all Armed Forces).

Fellow Alumni:  Fayetteville State University c/o 2004 B.S. Psychology—What a great experience going to college can do for you.  Builds lifelong relationships with people from all over the world which ultimately helps you build a network system that you might not have gained before both personal and professional.  During my time here, I joined Delta Sigma Theta Sorority (Spring 2001), a member of the National Pan-Hellenic Council, Student Leadership programs, Orchestra program, A.U.T.O.S. (Commuter Student Organization) and Student Service programs.   As a Bronco, I will always call Fayetteville State University Home—-Broncoooooooo Priiiddddeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Family:  Married in 2007 to Mr. Marlon Trafton who I met at Fayetteville State has proven to be a great thing!!!  We all look at people we’ve been involved with, and realize that “Hey, I did marry my friend today”.  In 2008 we had our first child, Master Kameron Trafton who brings so much joy and love into the home.  He is a splitting image of the two of us and greatly reminds us of having fun and living for the day and moment, and not concerned about what you do or don’t have, but be Thankful for everything you do.  I wouldn’t trade my family in for the world, and am Blessed to call them mine.

Asheboro, NC Zoo

Employment:  Over the past 13 years I had worked for one of the Top Retail Companies of the World, Target.  So during that time, I had learned, utilized and progressed from cashier to management.  The joy I received from working there was working with the public.  Witnessing the joy they received when you were able to satisfy a request.  Getting to know the regulars that shopped everyday and pretty soon you became a part of their life and they became a part of yours.  Working with such a diversified group of people that everyday was something new, and you always used everyday as a learning moment.
But what made me switch????  My family!!!!!!!

Real Estate gives me all the same joys I received at Target but with the right amount of time to have with my family.  I still get to witness the joy of the public receiving what they want, I still get invited into their personal lives while they are invited into mine, we get to follow-up with each other and The Biggest Compliment I receive in Real Estate is REFERRALS!!!!

So now that you have read a little bit about me, give me a call or email and introduce yourself so we can get acquainted.

Your Jacksonville, NC REALTOR (R)

Pamela Trafton
Century 21 American Properties West
(910) 378-9197


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