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That Awkward Signature

What do you do in this example??  It’s always an awkward good-bye because should you or don’t you??

Leave a tip on the receipt when picking up carry out food!!!!   Now when you go to a restaurant and sit in to eat you have a waitress or waiter that is taking care of you and it is almost second nature to leave a tip. But do you leave a tip when you go to the same restaurant and you’re doing a carry out? Does that tip line leave you feeling like you should write something on there or do you write anyways?

Who does the tip go to if you write it down? Those that work in a restaurant or have worked in a restaurant, would love to hear your feedback.  Sometimes I sum it up to go through a drive thru…you’re not leaving a tip at drive thru so why would you on a carry out?  It’s just that darn tip line that plagues my hand as I’m writing the total.



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This entry was posted on July 15, 2014 by in Food/Restaurants, Provoking Thoughts, Restaurants.


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