Pamela Trafton

Your Favorite REALTOR

WHY NOT???…….

Are you looking for a career change, or another job? Why not look into a career that pays you for your hard work wholeheartedly!! How about showing someone a rental they decide to rent and you end up with a $75 check for showing them one house in less than a hour? Where else can you earn $75 or even $150 a hour for legal work? 😀
How about building lasting relationships with people you have never met before by helping them find a home for their family?
How about taking the time out to educate someone on the benefits of renting versus buying?
What about your compassion for customer service radiating through as you speak with people and can see their dream unfold from beginning to end and you were part of it?
Now everything isn’t peaches and cream because there are times when a deal may fall apart, a time where the clients you have are the clients you don’t want and can’t wait until it’s over, or the times that there isn’t any work going on and you haven’t seen a check in over a month.
Now is it all worth it??? ABSOLUTELY!!!!
If the idea of Real Estate has ever crossed your mind, or you enjoy looking at homes and have ideas of interior design as you walk through a home, ever thought about helping someone find a home, why not give us a call and help you along your way!!


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This entry was posted on July 2, 2014 by in Real Estate.
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