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21 Day Challenge Accepted

June 1, 2014 I along with some friends have decided to take on the 21 day challenge.  First week complete and 4 pounds dropped!!! Now that the first week is gone, I think we can really start a lifestyle change here when it comes to eating differently….I mean most of the time, fast food was calling my name for quick on the go meals, but now if I don’t have lunch prepared and I need to grab something I do a smoothie replacement, thanks Smoothie King!

The biggest struggle so far is the no condiment piece (no bbq sauce, mustard, ketchup, salad dressing) and cheese, oh how I love my cheese 😀

Well after this challenge is over I do plan to start back on my condiments and cheese but in moderation!!!

No sweets….first week I craved my peanut m&m’s hard!!! So supplement…regular nuts and that help craved that want.

The best part about this is the group that we are doing this together, we are holding each other accountable utilizing the Group Me app to do check ins and post pictures of food ideas.

So any die hard change of food, health planning that happen to read this, please feel free to comment and post with recipe ideas to help make this fun 😀


2 comments on “21 Day Challenge Accepted

  1. 03alwi
    June 9, 2014

    Great challenge and great that you are doing it with friends. Makes life a little easier. Good luck and keep us informed Pamela.


    • Pamela Trafton
      June 9, 2014

      Thanks I will. I think journalizing it to will help keep me accountable and stick with it.


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