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Recently came across different scenarios where prospective clients (customers) are reaching out to agents for a particular service, mainly renting or buying. The only problem is when customers are calling, it may be to rent a home because another agent told them they do not work with rentals only sales. By all means every agent is in their right to work with only buyers, but I work with all. That’s why I call it a one stop shop, because if you are interested in renting but decide you want to buy then we just switch gears and keep it rolling.

The agent that you called to speak with and only do rentals, but midway you decide you want to buy and now you’re calling another agent is feeling pretty slighted since this is a commission based only job and you have just taken income out their pockets. Each market in the nation is different…there are some markets that charge retainer fees to avoid this particular situation. Fortunately for you as the consumer, our market is not custom to charging retainer fees because of the image we have in helping our clients and customers.

So as you are interviewing agents to help you out, if they don’t perform a certain service and you start working with another agent that does perform that service, just know you are not getting any different of a service by someone that works multiple options versus one that only works with one type of consumer.


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