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I Tried It!!!! Chipotle that is!

Well yesterday after finishing my Real Estate mandatory update in Wilmington, NC I decided to have Chipotle for the first time. Not only am I eating for the first time, but also seeing the establishment for the first time and it was definitely not what I expected. I expected a bigger establishment, almost true restaurant style. What I walked into, was probably smaller than your McDonald’s with a few booths and tables set up and one center island pub style table. Don’t get me wrong, the setting was small and intimate which works just as well. Walking up to place my order, I did what anyone else would do at an establishment they never been to….I peeked over others shoulders as they ordered to see what they were ordering and checked the menu out, lol.

When it was my time, the lady asked “burrito, taco or salad?” I said what is that the other person just had, lol.  Well that was a bowl and then you go to your choice of brown or white rice. Well I did the white rice but it had some green stuff in it too…can’t remember what that was, then we go to bean selection (pinto or black bean?) None please 🙂 Move down to the meats…pork, beef, chicken, or steak….pork and beef selection looked interesting like it might be good, but I went safe with chicken. Then you get the option of mild, hot or medium on the salsa/pico de gallo…so mild I went, and then yes give me the cheese, sour cream and lettuce. Well after it was put together, I asked…where’s the salsa??? Back to the tomato/salsa/pico de gallo selection we went, and this time asked for the hot salsa which was less tomato chunks and more sauce based. Got to the cashier and I’m looking at my bowl like wow, hope this is good and all for $6.69.

So now the test as I go and sit out on the patio enjoying the sunny weather and looking at my overfilled bowl of food….mix it all up…make sure the salsa has made it’s way through the food to coat everything red…first bite…..DELICIOUS!!!! I’m talking about hit the spot delicious….talking about the hot salsa truly had a twang to it, everything was seasoned well, and I sat there eating and smiling and laughing at myself and the lady in front of me as we both started scraping our bowls to get the last bit of rice in the container lol.

Now I can’t say I will visit Wilmington, NC everyday or every week to hit Chipotle up for my cravings, but I will say the Chipotle they are building across the street from me in Jacksonville, NC may just have my own chair set up for me!Image


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