Pamela Trafton

Your Favorite REALTOR

Safety Please

Ok the weather is warming up nicely…the sun is out more and hotter now…and what does that mean MOTORCYCLES!!!! That’s right…those sexy engines revving up on the 2’s, sexy men and women riding down the highway in multiple bike club fashion…yes I am excited for them as well.

What I’m concerned about is the cars that pull out in front of them!!! It’s bad enough when a car pulls out in front of another car and drive slow as molasses, but pulling in front of a biker and going 5mph is even deadlier. I’ve seen it twice and both times they pulled out in front, drove slow for a few and then sped off to avoid confrontation.

Please stop blaming the bikers for the accidents when the drivers enclosed in their bubble are causing some of these same accidents.

Watch out for the 2s…we need sexiness on the road šŸ˜‰


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