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2 Neighbors Hold New Buyers of REO at Gunpoint

2 Neighbors Hold New Buyers of REO at Gunpoint.


What a Way to Say Hello to Your New Neighbors!!!  Something that one day may be laughed over while having a cook-out during the summer, but definitely not a laughing matter as it occurred or even remotely after the situation.

In light of everything that has taken place with Trayvon Martin’s case and the trial that will be taking place shortly from the case a couple of years ago, neighbors should steer away from being “citizen’s police” and placing their lives and others in danger.  There is nothing wrong with contacting local law enforcement and making them aware of the situation, and allowing them to handle the situation.

Hopefully more people will think their actions through all the way before they decide to hold someone hostage, in their attempt of performing a great deed.

Hope that summer cookout and laughter happens and they are able to get past this unfortuntate, unforeseen circumstance.


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